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Anticipating the expectations. Leave your worries and bustle. Serenity and fresh breeze, the endless sky and vast spaces, old Kremlin and historic artifacts will surprise and fascinate you forever.


TIC “Podmoskovye”

TIC "Podmoskovye" Zaraysk Tourist Information Center "Podmoskovye" is located in the Tea House on Krasnoarmeyskaya Street. TIC is located on the future pedestrian street in the heart of the city, on the way from the Zaraisk Kremlin to the Water Tower, on the pedestrian route "Zaraiski Posad - the charm of an old provincial city".TIC ...

Матрёна Селивёрстовна
Walking with an exalted actress

Take a walk with the local actress and discover fascinating miracles of our old town.

Квест "Путешествие в сны Раскольникова"
Quest “Journey into the dreams of Raskolnikov”

The quest for the novel “Crime and punishment” - the world-famous novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Дети в Зарайске
How to have fun with kids

(Ru) Квесты, интерактивные программы, конные шоу, контактный зоопарк, экскурсии, мастер-классы для детей в Зарайском районе

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