How to have fun with kids


The place, full of the sonorous bark and fun laugh. In Svjatopole – territory of animals – you can make kids leisure more fascinating, find out some information about inhabitants of the park and get  lots of positive emotions. Children will go on a fascinating journey around the world of animals, games and fun. SEE MORE → 


Horse club “Angel”

An amazing  horse show performed by professional riders and young riders. Horseback riding, visiting a petting zoo with raccoons, workshops and photo session. SEE MORE → 

конный клуб "Ангел"
Horse club “Angel”

Zaraysk kremlin 

Take a walk along the history of the smallest fortified Kremlin in Russia. Find a treasure, go down to the dungeons or make a memory toy at the workshop – Museum complex offers a lot of programs for children. SEE MORE → 

Зарайский кремль детям
Programm in Zaraysk Kremlin

Water tower

Unique architectural object, like a tower with the imprisoned Princess or hidden treasure. Excursions, quests, quizzes – all kids will find some special activities.


Ребенок в башне
The tower

Memorial house-museum of A. S. Golubkina

House of the first Russia’s woman sculptor is pervaded with the history and the smell of paints and clay. Each child can create a miniature figurine, paint or sculpt. SEE MORE → 

Творческая мастерская

Darovoe – museum-estate of Dostoevskys

In the estate, where Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky spent his childhood, children can take part in workshops, quizzes and a tea ceremony. Different festivals and entertaining interactive programs are arranged. SEE MORE → 

Занятия в Даровом

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    • Контакты: Organization of individual tours: Tel.: +74993472097 e-mail: