Haskies in Zaraysk. Svjatopole

Fun activities and contact with the animals in the petting zoo Svjatopole will be unforgettable experience for both adults and children. The most attractive animals in Svjatopole are cheerful and sociable huskies. Riding in a sleigh with huskies is a great opportunity to spend an active time outdoors. Each husky has its memorable name such as  Snowball, Blackberry, Tiramisu, Shadberry and Blueberry.

Now only kids can ride in a dog sled. But by the summer husky will grow  up, and riding will be allowed for adults.

At the entrance to the petting zoo you will be greeted by a valiant guard of Svjatopole, Quasar. Quasar is huge in size, but surprisingly a kind dog. Be careful! Despite its size, he has a soul of the little puppy, who loves to climb onto the people’s hands.

In the zoo you can see a funny goat Sour cream. She lives with huskies, and it’s unclear for someone who is more like: she on them or they on her. Also, you can meet a beautiful horse Kefir, cat Tortinka, ferret Eclair, hawk Caramel and reindeer Dumpling.


Diversify the children leisure, learn new information about the inhabitants of the zoo and receive a huge amount of emotions. All of that you can do if you visit Svyatopole – the territory of animals .

Puppies haven’t grown up yet so they can ride only small children in a carriage . Don’t forget to take a carrot and a few apples, because not only husky live in the zoo, but also a small goat Smetana, a horse Kefir, an eagle Karamel, a very cute cat Tortinka and a joyful polecat Ecler – they will certainly want to grab the candies off the kids’ hands. The best treatment for the husky dogs is the childrens’ smile.


Group from 1 to 10 people: adults- 150 руб., kids- 100 руб.

Time: 30-60 minutes

Groups more than 10 people are split into more small.

Kids up to 5 years – free.


  • Адрес: Зарайский район, 400 м за деревней Потлово налево в поле.
  • Контакты:vk: https://vk.com/svyatopole
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    Телефон: +7-916-097-08-58 Александра
    +7-916-874-04-10 Алексей
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    • Контакты: vk: https://vk.com/svyatopole |fb: facebook.com/zar.svyatopole/ |Телефон: +7-916-097-08-58 Александра | +7-916-874-04-10 Алексей
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    • Адрес: Зарайский район, 400 м за деревней Потлово налево в поле.