The horse club “Angel”

If you love horses, funny raccoons, horse riding and unusual photo shooting  and you should definitely visit the horse club “Angel” in Zaraysk. Thanks to convenient location within the city horse club surely will be part of your trip to Zaraysk.

Club regularly performs horse shows, teaches riding, organizes horse riding trips and excursions.

On the territory of the club you can celebrate your birthday in an interesting way. The club offers to rent a table with a samovar, horse-drawn carriage and costumes for photos with horses that will allow you to create an amazing atmosphere of celebration.

In the club “Angel”  you can feed and touch raccoons. Those fun fluffies are very playful.


“Angel” club offers a big variety of activities for kids. They can watch a fascinating horse show with an exciting horseback riding afterwards. Also the kids will observe the club territory, learn a lot about riders’ equipment and taking care of horses. Later visitors are welcomed with a tea ceremony. In “Angel” you will not only enjoy interacting with these beautiful animals, but also can dress up and take part in a photoshoot with the horses.

Horses have their neighbours, cute racoons who you can pet and feed.

The children are also offered a workshop in painting toy horses and racoons which can be taken home.


An excursion costs 200 rulbes per person.

Riding a horse – 100 rubles (1 lap which lasts 5-7 minutes).

Workshop in painting wooden horses and racoons – 200 rubles per person.

  • Адрес: Урицкого пл. 7 (проезд по указателям на св. источник Белый колодец).
  • Время работы:Ежедневно: 9.00-21.00
  • Контакты:Телефон: 8-905-775-75-80
  • Посмотреть на карте ⟶
    • Адрес: Урицкого пл. 7 (проезд по указателям на св. источник Белый колодец).
    • Посмотреть на карте: 54.767701, 38.871676
    • Время работы: Ежедневно: 9.00-21.00
    • Контакты: Телефон: 8-905-775-75-80