About Zaraysk

160 kilometers from Moscow there is a wonderful and amazing town with a fancy name – Zaraysk which sounds in Russian like ‘beyond the Paradise’. Some locals joke that it is not ‘beyond’, but ‘inside the  Paradise’. The place is really unique.  Here you can walk along the walls of the smallest Kremlin in Russia which is the only one fully preserved in Moscow region.

In the distant past Zaraysk used to be a quite large merchant town of Ryazan province, its advantageous geographical location on the crossroads between Moscow, Kolomna, Ryazan, Tula significantly contributed to the development of the area. The town was famous for its tradition of arts patronage, charitable funds were built the most important buildings of the town. Till present times in the architecture it is possible to notice visible traces of merchant Russia such as preserved facades of old houses, shopping arcades of the XVIII century, squares and streets.

Now Zaraysk it is a small ancient town hidden from the bustle of busy roads and large flow of people, which keeps the comfort and warmth of bygone eras! Old cozy cottages, commercial squares, stone churches and deserted streets create  a unique image of true provincial Russia.

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