Useful information: Pharmacies of Zaraysk

Since the opening of the first pharmacies in Russia, several hundred years have passed, while the pharmacy business still serves the good of humanity, healing from diseases and saving lives.

This information will be useful for both residents and guests of the city. Zaraysk is a settlement with a developed infrastructure, where pharmacies are represented in large numbers:

Address: Советская ул., 6

Address: ул. Димитра Благоева, 40

Address: Советская ул., 37, пом.2

Address: 1-й микрорайон, 12

Address: Ленинская ул., 47

Address: 2-й микрорайон, 14А

Address: 2-й микрорайон, 10А

Address: Октябрьская ул., 23

Address: 1-й микрорайон, 23

Address: ул. Мерецкова, 38/18