Useful Information: Swimming Pool

Swim is recommended from childhood to old age. The correct posture is formed in the pool, legs are extended and immunity is strengthened. During swimming also increases the volume of the lungs, accelerates the process of oxygen saturation of the body. Water has a massaging and relaxing effect that has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. People who attend the pool, less prone to nervous breakdowns, insomnia, less likely to get sick and live longer.

The ability to swim at any time of the year without any restrictions on age and state of health – that’s what is really valuable! Zaraysk Palace of Sports offers this opportunity, the schedule of the pool is presented below:

  • 1 session 9:0010:30.
  • 2 session 10:3012:00.
  • 3 session 12:0013:30.
  • 4 session 13:3015:00.
  • 5 session 15:0016:30.
  • 6 session 16:3018:00.
  • 7 session 18:0019:30.
  • 8 session 19:3021:00

Address: 140600, Moscow region, Zaraysk, microdistrict-2, house 37.


Contacts: +7(49666)2-84-53 Administrator