Water tower

One of the most interesting architectural sights. Built in 1914-1916 it supplied nearby streets with the water. It is located in the center of the diamond-shaped area between the streets of Krasnoarmeyskaya and Gulyaev. The tower was built by the project of  the famous russian architect A. I. Filippov. Octagonal building was constructed of red bricks with four layers and looks like a chess rook. Around it there is a beautiful park.

In 2016 the water tower was renovated and on the top floor there is an observation deck which is now open for visitors. All staircases and ceilings were restored to their original appearance. In the evening you can watch the architectural lighting of the facade of the tower.

You can go up to the observation deck, take special guided tours or visit temporary exhibitions and a variety of recreational activities which take place inside.

The tower is located at the highest point of the town (29 m high), from its top you can enjoy all the marvelous surroundings at a 30 km distance.


Having put the helmets on, the children are hitting the road to the exciting journey up to the floors of the water tower. Having reached the primary destination – the round-up area – the children will see the beautiful sight of the whole Zaraysk and its surroundings.

An entertaining interactive programme can be organized next to the water tower which includes quests, interesting games and even performances in the future.

We can suggest a special programme for you if you let us know in advance – both in the water tower and next to it.

Visiting the water tower, ascending to the top and taking some really amazing photos. Price – 100 rubles per person.

Pirate quest “Old Flinn’s treasures”. Children find the note asking them to find the treasure which he was looking for but did not find. However finding the treasure will not be easy: pirate puzzles, interesting quests and exciting race are expecting kids on each floor. Available for kids 7 -13 years old. Price – 150 rubles per person.

Exciting gaming journey in the tower of mysteries. The children are turning into the hostages of the tower of mysteries and to get out of there they need to go through a number of challenges. During the quest kids need to follow the instruction to get as many keys as possible to get out of the tower. Price – 150 rubles per person.

An entertaining quest “Meeting Ponchik”. The tower is the clown Ponchik favourite place. Guests always visit Ponchik and the clown always gets the presents ready for kids, but the problem is: Ponchik forgot where he had put the presents so he suggests finding them together, because the tower is huge and he cannot find them on his own. Price – 150 rubles per person.

Additionally you can order professional photo and videoshooting.

If participating in the quest, the excursion is free of charge.




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