Zaraysky Posad – charm of an ancient town

Walking tour “Zaraysky Posad – the charms of an ancient town” crosses the Revolution square and Krasnoarmeyskaya Street.

The meeting point of the route is Dmitri Pojarsky monument located on the Revolution square. Choosing this area wasn’t an accident – a tour guide will give you the insight on why this monument was built here and how Pojarsky influenced Zaraysk.

Вид на площадь Революции
Вид на площадь Революции

Nearby there are trade rows of the “Gostiny dvor” build in the XVII-XIX centuries and they host a town market at present time. Just like many centuries ago the square remains the center of the town trade and also one of the most alive and recognizable places in Zaraysk.

Торговые ряды
Торговые ряды

Next the route covers the old central part of the town historically called Zaraysky Posad. Stepping on Krasnoarmeyskaya street one will see the building of the branch of the Bakhrushins Moscow Theatre Museum. The Bakhrushins family are Zaraysk and Moscow merchants and philanthrops who contributed a lot to the city development by building an almshouse, a school and a church.

Музей им. А.А. Бахрушина

From the Theatre Museum follow along  Krasnoarmeyskaya street. At the beginning of the street the hostess of the tea house welcomes the guests, offering herbal tea and home-made bakery and also invites to take part in a tea ceremony “Peasant tea drinking”.

Чайный домик

Then on the crossroad with Leninskaya street there is Ilyinskaya church. Turn right and head Karl Marks street. The oldest Zaraysk schools (school №1 and №6) are located in this part of the town. Both these buildings have an over 200 year-old history.

Школа №1
Школа №1

The last destination point of the excursion is the Water tower built over 100 years ago. The Water tower is located in the highest area of the town in the center of the diamond shape square, where Krasnoarmeyskaya crosses Guluayeva street. One can enjoy the borderless sights and amazingly beautiful landscapes of Zaraysk district. You can also see up to 30 kilometers neighborhoods from the top of the tower.

Водонапорная башня Зарайск
Zaraysk Water tower
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