Zaraysk Kremlin

Zaraysk Kremlin is one of the smallest fortifications that have been perfectly preserved on the territory of Russia and the Moscow region. It was built on the orders of the Grand Prince Vasili III, originally constructed between 1528 and 1531. The Kremlin was one of the most important fortresses built for protection of South-Eastern borders of the Moscow state.

In the XVI-XVII centuries Zaraysk Kremlin was violently attacked by enemy troops for many times, but was not captured. You have a unique сhance to go up to the most beautiful Kremlin and walk along the fortified old walls.

Inside the Kremlin and nearby territories the archaeological site of ancient people was discovered. This site belongs to the upper Paleolithic era. During the excavations lots of remains of ancient animals, household items and figurines were found.

Within the walls two historical church buildings survive, both built very much more recently than the Kremlin itself. You can observe the St. Nicolas cathedral, russian historical and architectural treasure, which is famous for the icon of Saint Nicolas of Zaraysk, and the John the Baptist cathedral, which was rebuilt on the donations of local merchants.


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    • Адрес: Zaraysk, Museum st.
    • Время работы: Sightseeing tours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 13.00 Weekend: at 12.00 and at 14.00